Lawyer Andreas Pittadjis fined – Cyprus Residence Information

Andreas Pittadjis, a popular Famagusta attorney implicated in Al Jazeera’s golden passport scandal expose that ended the citizenship for financial commitment scheme, was fined €4,000 by the Cyprus Bar Affiliation for demeaning the career.

Andreas Pittadjis was located guilty by the Bar Affiliation disciplinary council on two out of 5 disciplinary costs next social media posts that constituted professional misconduct.

He was located to have acted unprofessionally in publishing private aspects of representatives of possible clientele devoid of their consent, further revealing specifics of alleged crimes devoid of obtaining 1st reported the situation to the authorities.

Pittadjis allegedly unveiled individual particulars of two Al Jazeera ‘undercover journalists’ who had exposed officials who appeared delighted to bend the principles for a Chinese investor with a criminal qualifications to purchase a Cyprus passport.

As the Bar Affiliation pointed out, the wonderful is not joined to the substance of the alleged corruption depicted in the Al Jazeera but to Pittadjis’ behaviour and reviews made on social media.

Pittadjis faces further disciplinary action for the problems raised in the documentary.

Al Jazeera’s investigative reporters had employed concealed cameras, snared House Speaker Demetris Syllouris and an AKEL MP and developer Christakis Giovanis pledging “full support” to grant a passport to a fictitious Chinese investor, even with a money laundering conviction from him.

The report also showed lawyer Pittadjis outlining to a person posing as a agent for the Chinese trader various ways to skirt background checks, which includes a title improve or granting citizenship through his wife.

When reporters asked whether or not this kind of ‘work arounds’ would be probable, Pittadjis instructed them every thing is probable — “This is Cyprus”.

Pittadjis strongly denies the allegations, expressing he was thoroughly conscious the strategy was bogus and that he and Syllouris experienced only played together to extract additional information and facts from the “representative” to file a report to the law enforcement.