Kolossi Castle Close to Limassol Cyprus

Kolossi Castle is effectively really worth a take a look at if you are at all fascinated in Cyprus history and society. Located off the Limassol to Paphos highway just outdoors the occupied city of Limassol itself it fits into a wonderful times sightseeing. Just observe the brown tourist data indicators off the highway and the castle is observed on the major highway to the RAF Akrotiri foundation. If you love cats the monastery of Saint Nicholas of the cats is only a pair of miles even further together the very same street.

The to start with Medieval fort was designed on the site early in the 13th Century by a team of Knights known as the Hospitallers. Also known as the knights of the buy of Saint John their mission in Cyprus was to aid and guard pilgrims visiting the Holy land. They vacated the castle sometime about the commencing of the 14th Century to set up headquarters on the Island of Rhodes. Their rivals the famed purchase of the knights Templar wasted no time in putting in on their own in the great empty fort in which they stayed until the full order was annihilated by King Philip of France and Pope Clement. They required the Knights Templar out of the way simply because they feared their developing energy and it is also claimed that the pope owed the knights a large amount of funds.

With the Templar’s out of the image the Hospitallers immediately moved back again in until eventually the crusades finished with the fall of Acre just one of the most critical Crusader strongholds. Even with the Island falling below the handle of the Venetians marauding Turks just about wrecked the authentic castle at Kolossi roundabout the middle of the 15th Century. The fort that stands on the website these days was constructed someday after that and it is in quite remarkable affliction for a 500 yr previous setting up (says a great deal for Cyprus builders). Most of the constructing is open up to guests and there are a couple of small cafes in the castle grounds the place you can loosen up right after climbing the ways to the roof. In later on yrs the castle grew to become the administrative seat of electricity for the space concerning output and distribution of the famed Commandarie wine. This sweet Cyprus wine owes its identify to those people governors or “Commandaires” as they were being recognised.

It is claimed that King Richard the lion coronary heart married Berengaria of Navarre at Kolossi Castle and afterwards crowned her Queen of both England and Cyprus. Many historians refute this even so saying that the dates clash with other historic files linking him with crusades at the time. If it is genuine even though it puts an fascinating slant on the plan of getting married in Cyprus. Immediately after all, if it was excellent ample for King Richard possibly the Island is a great put for other partners to tie the knot much too. Joking apart, quite a few professionals agree that Kolossi is in all probability just one of the most crucial Medieval castles in Cyprus and it is absolutely nicely well worth a take a look at whilst you are in the spot. It tends to make a excellent cease off if you are organizing to go to the historic website of Kurion a several miles more together the Limassol to Paphos freeway.